Friday, 6 November 2015

Overcoming Trials in Marriage

Lola was surprised to see her husband home  at 10a.m on a monday morning. She wondered what could bring him home at that time. She struggled a bit to figure out what the problem was, but later found courage to ask. Jide handed over the brown envelope in his chest pocket to her. This immediately sent a signal that there is problem.

She broke down in tears as she read the first line. Oh no! Not again! she screamed. Jide just lost his job. She began to query God as if He were standing right there in front of her. The news hit her so hard because she just lost her job too. They have two children and aged parents. How would they cope? What would they eat? House rent is almost due. The children are already on mid-term break (school fees almost due)How would they settle their bills. How many people would they run to for help? These are the questions Lola was asking God. 

Now that things are the way they are now, what next? 

I know some families are going through similar situation,  Please note that this is not the end of the world. 

Here are tips that could help you overcome such situations.

  • Let your character be stronger than the circumstance: We don’t have control over what happens to us. God is the author and finisher of our faith. In those moments, choose your words so you don’t offend God. Pick up the attitude of thanking and appreciating Him instead. When you thank God for who he is, He will have mercy concerning your situation.
  • Let this hard times make you strong:  God uses every difficult situation in your life, big or small to give you more strength, faith and perseverance only if you allow him. All your pains have a purpose. Even the bible says “ All thing work together for good, for this who love him are called according to his purpose” 
  • Join your faith together and pray with understanding: God never promised you that things will be smooth all through. So, when you go through down times in your marriage or even in your life, God only wants to make you strong and prepare you for bigger blessings ahead of you.
  • Finally, pick up your self and move on: Moving on here doesn’t mean blaming God for your current situation but believing there is life after now. You lost your job now, so what? Who says you won’t get a better job than the one you lost? Like i said earlier, trials are meant to make you stronger and better than you were.
My dear friends, tough times don’t last, tough people do. Whatever you are going through today, God knows and he sees your tears. It will definitely pass in Jesus Name. 

If you believe it say AMEN.

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