Saturday, 11 July 2015

Importance of Parents Involvement in Child’s Education

Parent's involvement in their child's education is definitely important. It creates a big difference in their child's performance and academic evaluation. Parents are known to be the role models for kids. Kids also look up to them  as guardian and an important advisor. Parents can help their children to deal with lots of issues with constant guidance and support.  If a parent successfully allots a specified time everyday to his child's studies, the child will be better for it. 

Education is not just academic performance but also other areas which include overall development of the child, extracurricular activity, sports, physical education and mental education. 

Below are the reasons some parents don’t get involved in their children’s education…

- Busy schedule

- Lack of interest

- Illiteracy

How these affect the child

Parent's attitude and ideas about education influences a child's mind. If parents show lack of interest in education, then the child too may get less interested in education. If parents complain about the present education system in front of their children, the children too will complain and show less interest in studies.
Parents should offer their children a rich learning environment at home by participating and showing interest in their academics. 

Of course there are consequences of not being of your child’s education, some of them are...

- Poor academic performance in school

- Poor decision making skills in children

- Lack of confidence

- Low participation in educational and other curricular activities

- Lack of interest in studies

How to get more involved in your child’s education

1. Allow your child get access to lots of educational materials and guide him in using the materials

2. Learn your child's strength and weaknesses as related to education and other activities and help him improve on his weaknesses.

3. Take study sessions regularly and check your child's performance in school.

4. Don’t miss the Parents Teachers meeting.They are extremely important as you get to know what teacher has to say about your child.

5. Keep regular follow-ups with his school and discuss his performance with his teacher.

6. Control the time spent watching TV and playing video games. Control those times and keep a schedule for such entertainment and leisure activities.

7. Teach your child the importance of good conduct in school.

8. Remember, there are two main trainers for your child, yourself and the teacher. The teacher spends only a limited time with your child while you spend more time with him. This shows that education begins at home. 

So, the ball is in your court. Shape your child’s future now.
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