Monday, 20 July 2015

7 Things Your Wife Needs from You

Men believe the only thing women want is money. Yes, money makes the world go round but there are things money can not buy.
Highlighted below are some of those things women need from their husbands but wouldn't ask.

  • Your wife needs and deserves your respect. Try to hear her out respectfully during argument. She wants you to listen to her ideas and give her better suggestions. "Respect allows you to accept another person's point of view whole-heartedly."


  • Men typically think of intimacy in terms of sex. Women generally view intimacy as an emotional closeness. The good news is, when you work to improve her idea of intimacy, your idea of intimacy will improve as well. It's a win-win.
  • Attention

    Women's strength lies in multitasking while men are often good at focusing on one thing at a time. Please correct me if I'm wrong. These qualities complement each other. To make this difference work for your marriage, take time to pay attention when she is talking to you. First, look up from what you are doing, and second, listen. Really listen. Not just agreeing to everything she says just to please her. Don't just pretend and nod your head. Focus your attention on her and what she is saying. There will likely be a pop quiz on the information later.
    • Shared vision

      I often hear people say opposite attract, but the truth is that common goals keep a relationship strong. Setting and achieving goals keeps both partners engaged in the marriage and helps to see past the immediate obstacles that will inevitably come your way. When you both work on a common goal, it's achieved faster than when it's being pursued by one party. 
      • Spiritual leadership in your home

        Whether religious or agnostic, women are, by nature, more in tune with spiritual matters. This means you have to work at keeping up. If your wife attends a worship service, go with her without complaining. Initiate the invitation to pray together at home. Your kids will learn the act of worship early in life if you build a spiritual home. 
      • A good laugh every day

        Laughing releases endorphins. We love people who make us smile. That is why we pay comedians just to make us laugh. Express your affection in silly ways. Be playful in your relationship and have fun together. Your wife needs to remember something about you even when you are not physically there and laugh out loud. 
        So, pay attention to details and your marriage will be better for it.

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