Wednesday, 29 July 2015

What Drives Men Out of their Homes

  • Getting married to your dream partner is one thing, building a home and sustaining it is another thing. It is mandatory for every couple to make their marriage work, though it takes only the grace of God to overcome marital challenges.
    I appeal to women to please pay attention to little things in their marriages and fix them before they get out of hand. If you are currently experiencing the under-listed points in your marriage, kindly fix them and back it up with prayers, for these little things drive men out easily. Read carefully the point and mend your ways.

    Lack of Romance
  • Marriage is supposed to be passionate and romantic. Unfortunately, many women fall victim to the "Prince Charming Fallacy," believing their husbands are supposed to be the ones romancing them and that they don't need to romance their husbands in return. Well, if you have decided to wait for him to come to you, prepare your mind that someone out there is waiting to romance him on your behalf. If you can’t give him reason to come home into your arms, he will step out and find it somewhere else. 
    Lack of intimate relationship
  • Most men get married expecting to have wonderful intimate relationships with their wives but things are not always as we plan a times.  The first two years of marriage is always blissful but women tend to relax after the first child, believing they have tied him down with the child. You lie…he will go out and there is nothing you can do about it. Some of you call your husbands pet names in your early years of  marriage, but after a while, honey turns to “baba something”. Calling your hubby a pet name draws him closer to you, and if you start with your “baba something” someone else will call him “sweetheart” for you.
  • Dwindling Love

    Men don't just have physical needs, they need love, too. They want to feel cared for. They want to feel like they'll be missed if they're gone. When men don't feel loved, they choose to turn away from their marriages and find love with someone else.
  • Tired of same routine 

    Humans need novelty. They need to constantly stretch themselves and grow. Unfortunately, a lot of times in life, people find themselves feeling unchallenged and bored — tired of the same old routine. Some men step out of their routines for extra novelty and excitement. What this tells us women is simply to liven up our marriages. Add some excitement and make these men believe there is no enjoyment anywhere else except their homes.
  • Dissatisfaction

    This sums it all up. Some men cheat — even if they're happy with their wives — because there are vulnerabilities in their relationships. These vulnerabilities are very often some form of dissatisfaction — emotional, practical, intimate, etc.
    While many of these reasons point toward a wife's flaws, it's important to understand that a husband's cheating isn't his wife's fault. While many men blame their partners, a husband obviously plays his own part in his poor marriage, and he needs to identify his role in allowing the relationship to deteriorate. He also needs to identify why he allowed himself to have an affair instead of choosing a host of other options available to cope with an unhappy marriage. 

    Together, couples can rebuild their relationships to be happier and stronger than before.
    What do you think?
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