Thursday, 2 April 2015

How to Keep Your Marriage Healthy While Raising Children

The dream of every couple is to have children. Children are the seed of marriage and no couple pray to wait for years before having one. The early years of marriage is full of love, emotions, affections and all sorts. However, this spark begins to dwindle once children start coming in. (I might be wrong though)

As God will have it, I didn’t enjoy the boy friend girlfriend period in the early stage of my marriage as I became pregnant immediately I got married. I experienced a lot of affections and love from my husband during this pregnancy period, up to the time my child was born. The birth of Tobi brought so much joy into the family and the fact that he looked so much like my husband made him love me the more.
But I noticed a draw back from my husband during the whining period. This is not surprising as some men are disgusted at the whole process. I am sure women understand what I’m talking about. Whining a child takes so much from the mother. It changes her psychologically, emotionally and sometimes physically. We all know that taking care of a child is highly demanding but it becomes very important for us to strengthen our marriages and balance things appropriately.

 Follow these tips to keep spark in your marriage while raising children.

  1. Don't blame each other when things get tough as casting blame will not solve any problem. Looking for who to blame can never solve any problem. Identify what the issue is, and figure out the best ways to resolve the issue. Remember it is not advisable to raise children in a tensed environment. Children are very sensitive.
  2. Connect daily. Make a conscious effort to connect with your spouse daily. It gives you reasons to want to see each other every minute. When you are emotionally connected, you will be eager to close from work and rush home to your wife regardless of the situation.Make it a point of duty to curdle her before you leave your bed in the morning, put a call through to her during the day to find out how she and the baby is doing and connect with her before you return to bed at night. This reassure her that the man she met before she had her baby is still the same. 
  3. Go on dates together. Get a family member or nanny to assist if the need arises. you need time to rest, as raising children can be a handful. It refreshes the woman a lot when she takes time out to rest, even if its for few hours. Husbands should block their calendars for dates like this. it is very important to keep the marriage healthy.
  4. Help her with some house chores. Offering some help around the house give her the confidence that she is not in it alone. As you know, she has so much to put together as the director general of her home. She is not a robot, she is human you know. Offer some help in the kitchen, play with the children while she gets busy and help with some laundry if it becomes necessary. This however doesn’t make your husband a housemaid, but a simple show of love. Remember it takes two to tango!

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