Friday, 29 May 2015

Secrets Women Never Tell their Men

Women are known to be very open and extremely talkative creatures compared to men, but you will be surprised that its not only men that have secrets, women also have things to hide.

There is a mystery in every woman for a man to clear up but unfortunately, only a few of them succeed in achieving this. Although its not too difficult to understand a woman, but some men find it extremely complicated to know their women.

So, here are some secrets women have but will never tell their men

1. Women want their men to be Smart and take Initiative. 

Women always want their men to be in charge, though they sometimes don't mention it to them. Men should carry out some difficult tasks around the house to surprise their women. When they do this, their women believe they are involved in the affairs of the house. It also shows that they are caring. Try and do it once in a while especially when they least expected it.

2. Women love Surprises. 

Little things make women happy. Something as little as 2 balls of Poff Poff can make a woman feel special and loved. Although we never mention this to our men, but it is something we love. Its not as difficult as it looks, a little effort will make your woman happy and your relationship will be better for it.

3. Women are afraid that another woman attracts their men more

This is a hidden fear amongst women. Every woman has it somewhere in her heart that her husband may be attracted to someone else somewhere. It could be a colleague at work, a neighbor, a church member or a female friend. Women are afraid that their husband's heart may be stolen by some strange woman somewhere. Its a big fear but they will never mention it.

4. Women want their men to be sincere

Nobody likes being fooled, and of course women is no exception. Women can forgive a lot of things but not lies. Irrespective of the situation or how bad the man's fault is, a woman will always hear him out and even help him solve the problem. But they hate it when their men refuse to be open to them.

So men, keep your nose to the ground to smell your women's fears which they will never tell you.

See you next time...

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