Sunday, 10 May 2015

Why Mercy Johnson Remains Married

I'm sure you would love to know the secret behind Mercy Johnson's successful marriage despite all the unpleasant roles she had played in Nollywood movies. Although, she has been married  for over 3 years, she has proven to everyone that a woman decides the success of her marriage in most cases.
Even the bible says, "a wise woman builds her home while the foolish one destroys it". She has shown the world that she is a wise woman. One thing I learnt about Mercy is that she puts her heart to what she does, and this has clearly manifested in her Marriage.

 Permit me to say she is one of the numerous Nollywood actresses who has managed her home effectively and we pray God will continue to keep her marriage.
Mercy is beautiful, brainy, smart and focused. Honestly, she deserves what she is getting because she has a story to tell.

In case you want to know, these are the reasons her marriage is still standing.

  1. She stopped taking movie roles with romantic scenes in 2009 because her husband was not too comfortable with it.
  2. She learnt how to speak her husband's native tongue; ishan in 5 months.
  3. Her husband advised her to stop wearing revealing dresses and she adhered to it.
  4. She prays for her family and her husband loves it
  5. Her husband, Odi explained that he named their daughter, Purity because Mercy has a heart of Gold - she is kind and pure according to him.
  6. Her husband made her the sole signatory to their joint account simply because she listens to him
  7. She is willing to give anything for her marriage, even her career
  8. She is patient.
As for me, I celebrate women who know how to keep their homes, and so I celebrate Mercy Johnson for her staying power. 
Don't you think she deserves to be celebrated?
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