Saturday, 21 March 2015

Signs of Abusive Relationship
Relationship is when two or more people are connected, most times with feelings. Unhealthy relationships are based on power and control, not love and respect. 

Strong relationship is being together, sharing moments together and doing things together. But when a relationship starts getting uninteresting, full of anger and control, it is better to take one step backward and examine the situation. 

Here are some signs that a relationship is becoming uninteresting and abusive...

Being Over Possessive

Being over possessive is the most obvious sign of abusive partner. Possessiveness is part of every relationship and it is a must-to-have factor of relationships. But in certain cases, the partner may become excessively possessive, even to the extent of obstructing the freedom and forgetting the dignity of the partner.

An over possessive partner may keep the track of your time and demand you to inform him/her every time you make a move. In today's world, every one needs to interact with people and move around many places to succeed. We need people to make progress in life. But if your partner insists you inform or get permission from him/her to do everything in life, then it's a kind of abuse. We are not saying you shouldnt carry your spouse along in all you do, but there must be moderation to everything. An abusive partner may even try to cut off all your social contacts and restrict you to meet your friends and relatives.

Frequent Accusation

If your partner accuses you for every ill-happening in life, then he/she is exhibiting the sign of abusive relationship. They may always look you through the glasses of suspicion and may not let you take your own decisions. Many a times, the accusation may occur because of abnormal level of affection and the partner is afraid or doubtful of your ability to perform certain actions. Whenever something goes wrong, he/she may assume that it is because of your inability, the mistake occurred.

Physical Abuses

Physical abuses like slapping, hitting, threatening etc., are most visible signs of improper relationship. People get into relationships not to be controlled or dominated. If your partner gets into physical threatening, then your relationship is unhealthy. No one has legal rights to physically abuse and maltreat another person. If you find yourself in such relationship,  it is to be taken seriously and refrain from such relationships at the earliest possible opportunity.

I hope these tips help....
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