Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Beauty of WallPaper
Wallpaper is back. And in a big way. From traditional and classic to bold and graphic, wallpaper can transform a room with its style-defining powers. This versatile wall surfacing option can be used in a range of ways. When used as a backdrop, wallpaper can make a room feel larger or smaller, brighter or cozier. A single color or tone-on-tone wallpaper can provide a great foundation for other design elements in a room. When intended to be a focal point, wallpaper is the ultimate form of decorative artwork.

Though wallpaper is far from being a permanent commitment, you won’t want to repaper a room every year. It’s important to choose a paper you can live with for a while.

Here are some tips for incorporating wallpaper to achieve your design goals and complement your home’s personality.

1. Make an Oversized Room Feel Cozier

Use wallpaper to create a more intimate feel in large rooms with high ceilings. This expansive bedroom is elegant without sacrificing coziness.

2. Make a Small Space Feel Larger

Metallic papers add movement and reflective effects, immediately making a space feel more dynamic and larger.

3. Warm Up A Room with Texture

Textured wallpapers, like grasscloth, can warm up a room and create a rich, layered sophistication.

4. Create a Focal Point

A large, bold print can sometimes be overwhelming on four walls, but using wallpaper to cover a single wall is a great way to create a stunning focal point in a room.

5. Make Low Ceilings Seem Higher

Try a vertical stripe to open up rooms with low ceilings. A crisp stripe, like this one, will give the illusion of height.

6. Make a Statement
Don’t be afraid to use big, bold geometrics to add vibrancy and energy to a dull space.

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