Monday, 16 March 2015

The Look and Feel of Confidence

You do know that when you look and feel good, your:
• Mental productivity increases
• Interpersonal  relation skills increase
• Self esteem definitely is raised which means your confidence level experiences a boost
• You are obviously happier
•  You feel in control of your life!

Yes, all these and much more you can get by just simply making an extra effort to look good and bask in the feeling; but looking good does not mean you should become uncomfortable!  We all have our individual style preferences and dressing outside of it will make us most uncomfortable.
Comfort is key even though you want to look your very best.
Yeah, yeah….I know, it is in vogue, trendy and all, but does it communicate who you really are,  are you comfortable in that bohemian skirt?!

We will be starting from the exterior down to the foundation, which is the ‘koko’.
Try to visualize a confident woman: all of these attributes come to mind:
• good eye contact
• firm hand shake
• good looking
• well dressed
• good self expression
• excellent carriage and composure
• intelligent

The list is endless… please do not mistake confidence for pride, arrogance, being forward…, you get my drift?
So if a confident lady exhibits those attributes we just listed, don’t you think she must have consciously arrived at this place of total confidence?!
From the underwear to the fragrance to the hair style, they all count!

Your Underwear is the foundation of any look.
Imagine if you wore the right underwear that does not show through your dress or give you VPL (visible pant line), the right shoes, and the right colour of dress in the right style, oops and not forgetting the right accessories, you will be comfortable and it would definitely show through.

So let us break this down:
• the lady
• her ensemble

The Confident lady:

• Beautiful skin:

Your skin is your ultimate accessory. There is nothing as good as applying make-up on clear skin. If you do not have an Ok to good skin, no matter what make up you use, it will not look as good as when your skin is well taken care of.
Good skin starts from inside, eat right (you know that thing about garbage-in-garbage-out, GIGO) then:
Cleanse tone and moisturize your face.
I am no skin expert, but you get the message, please take care of your skin…
• Attitude:
You need to act and speak the right way. Like I stated earlier do not mistake confidence for pride rudeness or being forward (I too Know, ITK).
Some of the attributes a confident woman should possess have been stated previously.

We will be concluding this with ‘Knowing your bodylines’ in the next edition, it promises to be an enlightening read…
Till then..
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