Saturday, 21 November 2015

Who Fixes in Marriage?

To fix means to repair, to make whole again in other to function properly. To correct and to make firm and stable. These are what comes to mind when we hear the word "fix".

So how does this relate to Relationship and Marriage?

There are two major parties involved in a relationship, the man and the woman. If there are kids in the marriage, the participants increases but the primary ones are the two I mentioned earlier. 

What then do we need to fix in a Marriage? 

I don't know if we still remember the phrase "Tie the Knot". It simply means joint together. When two people are joined together, it means they stay together regardless of whatever happens. And then on this journey, a lot of things happen. God never said things will be smooth for everyone at all times. There sure will be trials. So when there are issues, do we abandon the relationship or marriage or fix it? Unfortunately, women bear the burden more than men. May God bless every woman on earth. They are Super beings with large hearts, forgiving spirit, patient, hardworking yet feeble minded. Men as we all know are "one way traffic" forgive me please if you are a man. They pick up a task and face it squarely but do it perfectly. Women on the other hand carry out several tasks at the same time and still perfect each task appropriately. 

We must repair whatever problem we are having in our marriage. Fixing starts from forgiveness. If God can forgive us each time we err and plead for forgiveness, why should it be difficult for us to do? I know some women will say "Never". I can never forgive that man. He is a very wicked man. Yes, I know how you feel. Permit me to say this, how sure are you that the next person is better than the person you are leaving?  So please pray about the situation and fix it. 

Who fixes?

Both the  man and the woman need to fix. Depending on the gravity of the issue at hand. They both must fix. Above all, the Almighty is the master fixer. He perfects the mending from above.

May God fix every loosened nut in our Marriage in Jesus Name.

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