Thursday, 10 December 2015

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for your Wife

Christmas is here. Yippee!!! So much excitement in the air. We all know this is the best time gifts are exchanged. The time families show more love to one another, friends exchange gifts and many more. If you are worried about what to get your wife this season, I bet my tips would help. 
Before you decide what to give that woman in your life, you must understand what she likes and how she likes it. 

However, different gifts appeal to different people. All you need to do is to identify who your partner is, her likes and dislikes and pick out those things that excite her. 

Here are my suggestions below:

1. Shoes, Bags and Jewelries: If your partner is an outgoing type, this would definitely interest her. You must identify her preferred color, shape and design of any of the suggestions stated above. You will sure sweep her off her feet if you know her specs and get her that special color she has been dying to have.

2. Recipe Audio Book: Some women love cooking and would do anything to have the best meal on their table. They can sit in front of their computers searching for the best recipe to delight their partner. If your wife falls in this category, you don't need to give your self any headache on what to buy for her this  Christmas. Simply get the best recipe books and package them beautifully for her. 

3. Pair of Trainers: If your wife has been thinking of burning some calories, this is the time to help. Get her some trainers to motivate her to start that work out. I want to believe she won't decorate her shoe rack with the pair of trainers. The more she sees them, the more the urge to get on the move and burn this excess calories. 

4. An Iphone 6: Did I hear you say "YES". If your wife is a techie,  trust me, this gift would not just make her love you more but also make her mention your name each time she wants to take a selfie with her friends. **laughs**

5. Selfie Stick: Hahaha! You should know that a selfie stick is needed to compliment the iPhone. I am quite sure the inventor of selfie stick would be smiling to the bank now because the use has tremendously improved, and of course would translate to increase in sales. So, this would be a perfect Christmas gift for your wife to capture those exciting moments during the season. 

Now, what are you waiting for, go get her that special gift for Christmas. Remember to please include any gift I forgot to mention. See you next time!!!
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