Monday, 31 August 2015

How You Know You are Married To the Wrong Person

Its amazing how we refuse to observe important things before saying "I do".  You thought he would change after marriage. Right? You lie! Unfortunately, you cannot undo the "I do" At least, biblically. The truth is, the signs were there but you refused to see because you were carried away with the tittle "Mrs". Your instinct would have told you he wasn't the one but he appeared so perfect because you didn't know when the next person will come. 

A lot of women fall into this trap and coming out becomes even more difficult. Now, lets do a replay because I want young ladies to learn from this. If you are single and currently experiencing below points, you are definitely in a wrong relationship. Or if you are married, and experiencing those points, you have succeeded in marrying the wrong person. 

Please read on....

If you constantly feel frustrated and confused by your man’s actions, watch it. 

He says all the right things (a.k.a. the things you want to hear) but his actions don’t align. You’re left feeling baffled and frustrated almost every minute.
His words and actions don’t line up, it’s so tempting to focus on the pretty words. But the truth is always found in his action. Actions seldom lie and they speak loud and clear. Sisi, please shine your eyes, madam keep praying for God to touch his heart or else, thats your cross, carry it.
If you have to  make excuses for him all the time, then he is not being fair to you
No matter what he does or doesn’t do (whether it’s standing you up at the last minute or forgetting your birthday), you make excuses for him to anyone and everyone (including yourself) even though you know that behavior isn’t alright. Even when he refuses to carry out his responsibilities as a man, instead of trying to resist what’s actually happening, try bravely listening to your fears and concerns. What truths are you avoiding when you shine over his behavior with excuses? Young lady, check well ooo. Madam, you need to confront him and let him know what he is doing is not far and he must change. 
If your feelings of self-doubt and insecurity keep growing, he is of course not the one
A healthy relationship promotes inner calm and confidence, making you feel wanted and comfortable.
If being around him makes you doubt yourself, he’s probably not right for you. 
 If you feel lonely and invisible when you’re with him, then he is not worth being with
Of course it’s lonely when he avoids you, but if you also feel lonely when you two are together, this may mean he’s incapable of letting you in. And, no, this isn’t because you’re just “too needy.” Loneliness is often more about the company we keep, than whether we’re truly alone. 
If you are afraid of being single, you will continue to suffer in silence
This is directed at young ladies out there, if you believe being in an iffy relationship is better than nothing.Thanks to our “negativity bias,” we are typically primed to over inflate our fears, and focus more on the things that scare us rather than the things that make us happy.
When you think about being single, your “negativity bias” likely kicks in, scaring you into believing you can’t handle being alone (at least for a while) and praying to connect with the right man. Instead, you prefer to hold on to this man even when you know he isn’t a right fit.
Here’s the thing: You’re already alone if you’re in a relationship that makes you feel lonely, frustrated, or insecure. So remember, your feelings are your most trusted resource if you have the courage to listen.
My prayer is that God will restore every struggling marriage and help the singles to choose appropriately.

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