Monday, 15 June 2015

10 Tips to make Your Child Go to Bed Early

Kids love watching their favorite programs before going to bed. Most of them don't want to sleep early, they sleep only when they have finished watching their cartoons. You will shout and shout and you end up raising your own blood pressure trying to force them to bed. 

It's really hard to give advice on how to make kids go to bed early, but each and every parent would need to put more efforts to make this happen. Problem related to kids sleeping habits differ from child to child.

Here are few reasons why a kid may not be able to sleep early
  • Sleeping Disorders such as Insomnia, Parasomnia, Disturbed Sleep and Narcolepsy
  • Afternoon Sleep
  •  Late TV Watching
  • lll Health
  • Noisy Surroundings
  • Over Exhaustion
  •  Scary Nightmares

These are Tips to Make the Kids go to Bed Early

  • Put off the TV at a scheduled time every day. If the kids shouldn't watch the TV, then the same rule should be for the parents. (at least until the kids go to sleep)
  • Put the kid to bed at a fixed time every day. This time should not be changed no matter what.
  • Try to establish a Daily Bed Time Routine. 
  • Give him a glass of hot milk, as it is said to calm down the nerves and helps kid to sleep.
  • Avoid any kind of caffeinated drinks like cold drinks, coffee etc in the night or late evenings.
  • Over-exhaustion can affect your child's sleep. When the child complains of pain in his legs or back, don't ignore it. 
  • Try a lukewarm oil massage. A good lukewarm oil massage induces sleep in children.
  • If your kid is ill, especially with fever, cough and cold, there is no way he will be able to sleep. Such medical conditions disturb children's sleep and parents should understand. 
  • Reduce the noise around the house. A noisy environment can make it difficult to sleep even to adults. Hence see that the kid's sleep is not affected with such noises. Children sleep better in quiet and comfortable surroundings.
  • A change of place affects kid's sleep. Make sure that children sleep in their own bedroom and don't keep changing their sleeping area every now and then. 
          Hope you found these tips helpful...
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