Thursday, 18 June 2015

6 Things You Should Start Doing for Your Wife

  • Shebi you agreed to love her in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer? 
    Oya follow these 6 things and make sure you do them regularly to make her happy.
  • 1. Serve her breakfast in bed

  • You must show her how much you care for her, and it mustn’t just be a word of mouth.  Make sure you wake up before, prepare breakfast for her, then take it to her in bed. Yes? And so? Is it too much to do? Abegi…
  • 2. Send her a text while away

    • This could be the simplest one you could do. It doesn't have to be anything fancy; just a text to let her know she is beautiful, or to have a good day. I bet she will read it more than 10 times before you return. Its so little but it does matter. Little things matter remember. 
      3. Make the bed

  • You see one thing I hate that men do, is getting up from bed and leaving it for the woman to make all the time. Whats wrong in doing it once in a while? I am not saying the woman should draw up a roaster for bed making, but there is something about it that brings a smile to the woman’s face. Its unusual but it matters.
  • 4. Brush your teeth before going to bed

    Freshness is a key to happiness. After eating everything from morning till evening, you just jump on the bed to sleep beside her with that your “not so inviting” breathe? Common, fresh breathe makes things happen, and it leads to something else you know what I’m saying. Just do her that favour. Thank you. 
  • 5. Compliment her

  • The first person a woman sees before stepping out is her husband, and whatever you tell her remains in her head till she returns home. Let her know her dress is beautiful and her make up suits her. Remind her that her beauty has not faded and that you love her smiles. Then correct her appearance if she doesn’t appear well before she leaves the house. Don’t let people ask if her husband wasn’t at home when she left. You must remain her mirror.
  • 6. Discuss your day with her 

  • Try and discuss what happened at work with your wife, whether good or bad. Ensure she knows all your colleagues, if not all, those who report to the same boss with you or those who report to you. Also listen to what happened at her office too. This builds a strong connection between you too. She becomes eager to run home to report her boss or her colleague to you, even though  you can not punish them for whatever they did to her. She just needs you to tell her all will be well. That's all.
    Memorise this list, add to it if you wish and always remember these words:  “Little things do matter."
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