Saturday, 20 June 2015

5 Things You must do to make Your Husband Love You More

I want to believe you were happy reading the 6 things your husband should start doing for you in my last published blog. Don't be deceived, Its not a one sided game, its a two way thing. You must be willing to give in other to receive. I tell you, men reciprocate good gestures and do it even better than women. 

So, to enjoy those things I advised your husband to start doing for you, you must be ready to do these 5 things to get his attention and love.
  • Love his Mom. 
Even if he occasionally complains about his mom, it doesn’t give you the license to do so. Show some love to his family, especially his mom and let him see your effort in doing so. This will make him love you more. A man’s first love is his mother and if you try to come between them, you will be pushed aside. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. 

  • Learn to always say “Thank You”

Men test women a lot. They start from little things and then graduate to something bigger. If you tell your husband “thank you” for buying you a small ear-ring, he will buy you a necklace. If you tell him “thank you” for buying you a small car, he will buy you a jeep. But if you ask him why he is buying you a car when his mates are buying their wives a jeep, he will wait to catch you somewhere else. Trust me. What I’m saying here is, women should be appreciative. It touches men’s heart and endears you more to them. keep this a secret please. 

  • Tell him He is fantastic in Bed

This is a topic we shy away from, and yet it is about the most important duty of a wife to her husband. If this doesn’t happen in the first place,there won’t be children. So, what are we talking about? Even if you know he needs to improve, tell him he is awesome. It will only make him work more because he won’t want to disappoint you. 
  • Receive Him Home with a Smile everyday.

If you receive your husband home everyday, you have given him reasons to rush to your arms. But if all you do is wait to make trouble when he arrives, you have given him room to hangout with his friends and of course you know what that can lead to.  Let me give you another secret, the day he comes home and no one receives him, he will miss you. No matter what might have happened at the office, he is sure of a warm welcome at home. Be the complete part of your husband’s life, and he will find it difficult to live without you. 
  • Always prepare His Meals

The economy reality of today has changed a lot of things in the family. Nevertheless, cooking for your husband is amongst your core duties as a wife. Why then do you allow your maid to cook for your husband? If you cook his meals always, he will be familiar with the taste of your food even when he is fed while sleeping. And if you don’t meet up with his expectation in this area, you need to raise your game. Attend cooking classes and practice it more and more to get better at it. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. 
A word is enough for the wise ooo. 

Now that you know what to do to get pampered by your husband, go ahead and do it now. 
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