Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Why Should I Forgive My Husband?

Foluke met Justin in her 200 level at the University. They were so fond of each other that they were virtually inseparable. Their love grew so much that people call them husband and wife. But unfortunately, they were temporarily separated during NYSC. Foluke was posted to Calabar while Justin to Taraba. They kept the flame of love burning and never allowed distance to be a barrier. 

They both returned to Lagos after their Youth Service and got married eventually, but couldn't have children even after 3 years of marriage. Friends and families prayed for them but no luck. They kept hoping and believing that God will answer their prayers. The strange thing was that Justin supported   her strongly during this trying time that she made up her mind to love him for the rest of her life. 

One lovely sunday, there was a knock at the door. Foluke rushed to the door only to see a beautiful woman with an innocent looking girl of six. She smiled at the woman and asked who she wanted to see. The woman coldly replied "I'm not here for long story, I came to dump your husband's daughter with him" Foluke was so sure she didn't hear the woman right and she asked again. "who do you say you want to see ma" and she answered by saying " are you deaf? I said I came to dump your husband's daughter with him. I want her to grow with her father" Folu's legs were already shaking and sweat was all over her body, but before she uttered one word again, Justin came in and said " Yes my love, she is right, the little girl in front of you is my daughter" 

The strange woman looked at Justin and said "If you like, take care of her, if you like, throw her in the dustbin" She turned and left the two of them with the girl. Foluke didn't know what to do at this time as she was confused, disappointed, sad, heartbroken and angry. 

Now, what would you do if you were Foluke, would you forgive Justin and take care of the child or leave the house for father and child? What exactly would you do in this situation.
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