Saturday, 10 October 2015

Mothers are Champions.

I learnt that a channel is a medium through which something is done. When a manufacturer produces products, he needs a channel or channels to get it across to the final consumer/user.  God has a purpose for each and everyone of us, but we must be born before we can fulfill God's purpose on earth. That is why a "Mother" is important. No one comes to life without a mother. She is the channel through which we come to life.

She gives birth to us, watches over us, nourishes and protects us. This means  every woman has the capacity to be a mother whether she has children now or not. A mother is a woman, a wife, a child-bearer and a home maker. She is a teacher, a knowledge passer, a great mentor and a hope planter. A mother is a future builder, a thinker and a role model.

She is a motivator,a creative person, a talent flourisher and a potential unlocker. She is a problem solver, a peace maker, a sensitive person and a risk taker. She is a compassionate person,a shoulder to lean on, and the first person to talk to, in times of crises.

Every Mother is a special being.

Mothers are full of various traits that the adults and children of the world need.
Mothers are nurturing, loving, kind, comforting and leaders. Mothers protect their children, or those close to them, from harm. Teaching either intentionally or by example is what mothers do best. The eyes of a child are always watching and observing and learning from the mothers around them. Every mother has a special blend of attributes that she can use to lead, guide and lift others.

No mother is better than the other, they are just different 

What I don't understand is the big competition among women. No two women are the same. God created us differently and of course with different destiny. Why then do we compete with ourselves?
Moms have a tendency to compare themselves to seemingly "perfect" mothers and then proceed with negative self-talk about what a terrible mother they think they are. Stop it! The "seemingly perfect mom" has strengths, but she also has weaknesses. You might have your weaknesses, but you also have many strengths that are perfect for your family. Some moms have one child while others have several. Some are wealthy while some are not. One is not better than the other; they are just different.

Whether you have kids now or not, you are a mother; a potential mother indeed, and we celebrate you everyday.  Your nurturing and caring ways qualify you as a mother. Mothering is a special gift designed to help and comfort others who need your strength. Regardless of who you are today, God has given you a mother's strength to conquer every limitation. Though there are no perfect mothers, there are many great ones and you are one of them.

My prayer to every woman reading this article is that God will make you shine like a champion IJN. 
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